Find Your Fender FAQs

What is Find Your Fender?

  • Find Your Fender is an interactive experience that helps new players find their perfect guitar, bass or ukulele. Simply give us your preferences for instrument, budget, colors, music and sounds, and we will provide personalized recommendations that fit your style and needs. The Find Your Fender tool also incorporates audio cues and quick tips on gear at each step of the experience, so you can buy with more confidence than ever before.
  • You can find this tool at

Who is Find Your Fender designed for?

  • The Find You Fender tool is primarily designed for new players who don’t know where to start or how to find a guitar, bass or ukulele. For those who wish to level up or see the more premium guitars, you can visit

How do I get back to my results after leaving the Find Your Fender site?

  • When you click out of the Find Your Fender experience, it will open a new tab. To return to your results, you can simply find the original tab that you were using and open it. Additionally, you can choose to use the “Save My Pick” option, which will send you an email with all three “Top Picks” (recommendations that we had generated for you based on your selections).

I put in my email after clicking “Save My Pick”, why haven’t I received anything from Fender yet?

  • At times, it can take a few hours to deliver the email with your personalized recommendation. We want to make sure we are sending you the correct recommendations. If you do not see your recommendations after that, please contact customer service OR revisit to take the quiz.

I found the right guitar, but it is no longer in stock. What can I do?

  • You can find one of our dealers by clicking “Find In Store” on the product detail page, or you can find our dealer locator located here.

What regions is this available in?

  • The Find Your Fender tool is available via web browser (on desktop, mobile and tablet) in three regions:

    - Australia
    - United Kingdom
    - United States

What should I do if I cannot hear anything?

  • Be sure to click the speaker icon in the top left corner. Clicked or tapped on the speaker icon, but there is still no sound? Be sure your volume is up. If on a mobile device or tablet, be sure that the device is not put on silence.

I am want to see other recommendations. How do I restart the quiz?

  • You can refresh your browser, or you can click the menu button in the top right (the menu button is three dots). In the Menu, you can select “Start Over” button.

I don’t want to do the quiz, how do I shop directly?

  • You can visit or click the Shop Fender link within the Find Your Fender experience