Can I order a "one-off" instrument directly from the Fender® Custom Shop?

Although instruments may not be ordered directly from the Fender® Custom Shop, we have established a network of Authorized Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealers who will give you personalized service on product pricing, options and availability information for Custom Shop instruments.

The following will detail the procedure for ordering a custom made "one-off" from our Custom Shop:

First, please contact the nearest Authorized Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer in your area. This Dealer should have a series of worksheets with helpful information on options for neck profiles, wood selections, hardware, and finishing materials etc., along with a Custom Shop instrument detail form. If your Dealer does not carry these forms, any blank piece of paper with the details of the instrument on it will work just fine.

Please complete the paperwork detailing the instrument you wish to have built, then submit the form to your Authorized Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer. (A quick reminder that not all Fender Dealers are authorized to sell Custom Shop instruments, so please consult with your local Dealer to confirm their status).

Upon receiving the information, your Dealer will contact a Custom Shop sales representative who will quote them a price for the instrument you wish to have built. Your Dealer will then be able to supply you with the price quote for the instrument, review the details of the quote and to confirm your consent to place an order. After your order has been placed but prior to beginning the construction of your instrument, you will be contacted by the Custom Shop Master Builder assigned to build your guitar, to confirm your specifications. Be prepared to furnish information regarding your playing style, your background and other favorite instruments you either own or have experience with, as this information will be critical to the craftsman who will be building your instrument.

After confirmation of an order, your instrument will be worked into the Custom Shop production schedule, and construction will begin as soon as that schedule permits. Delivery of a custom "one off" instrument will usually take between six and ten months.

Our goal at the Fender Custom Shop is to insure that your "Dream Guitar" meets your exacting needs and is precisely built to your specifications.

If you need assistance locating a Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer in your area, please contact our Consumer Relations Department and a representative will be happy to assist you.