Click here for complete instructions on how to update the firmware of your amplifier.  

Version 3.0.96 (Nov 15th, 2021)

• Increased sensitivity of the Master Volume control

• Fixed issue with Tuner being improperly engaged with the GTX-7 footswitch

• Expression pedal and footswitch reliability improvements

• Various stability improvements


Version 3.0.73 (May 5th, 2020)

• Added menu item to forget all paired Bluetooth devices

• “Pedal” parameter is now displayed first when using wah and whammy effects

• No Icon will appear on amp when connected to TONE

• Fixed issue with iOS13 devices not connecting to TONE while also connected to

Bluetooth audio


Version 3.0.52

• Initial release

• Known issues (check back for a future fix)

• iOS 13.x users: there is a Tone/amp connection issue that can be avoided by making the

connection between the Tone app and your amp FIRST before connecting your phone to

your amp for bluetooth audio streaming.