Standard WiFi Setup

  1. Launch the Tone app and navigate to the "Settings" tab
  2. Tap on "Bluetooth" and confirm that you are connected to your amplifier.
  3. Navigate back to "Settings" and select "WiFi".
  4. Wait for your amplifier to scan the available WiFi networks within range. Use the Rescan button if needed. 
  5. Tap on your desired WiFi network from the list of available options.
  6. Enter the appropriate password for your WiFi network and tap "Connect".

Manual WiFi Setup

If you are using a hidden WiFi network or would like to setup your network manually:

  1. Tap on "Other" inside of your "WiFi" page within the Tone app
  2. In the “Manual Setup” screen you should see the following:
    • Network Name
    • Security – WPA/NONE
    • Password
  3. Enter your “Network's Name” spelled exactly as it is named when broadcast over WiFi. 
  4. Select “WPA” if a password is needed to access your network.
  5. Enter your “Password” and tap on “Connect”.

Note: Some older app or firmware versions may display these options slightly differently. Please make sure to update your Tone app and amp firmware to the latest versions for best results.