The Fender EXP-1 Expression pedal offers users the option to assign parameters that are programmable on an amp model or effect. Below are the setup steps to assign the EXP-1 to function as a Wah-Wah. (These are the same steps that can be applied to whatever FX or Amp feature you wish to control with the EXP-1)

1. To connect an EXP-1 to your amp.

  • Connect a ¼” cable into EXP-1 pedal (connection instructions are on the bottom of the EXP-1) connect the other end of cable into jack labeled “footswitch” on back of amp and connect guitar cable from guitar to “input” jack on amp.

  • To connect an EXP-1 and MGT-4 together you will need 3 cables to connect both pedals and guitar, connection instructions are on the bottom of the EXP-1 pedal for connecting both pedals.

2. Turn on the amplifier. Turn the Encoder wheel and scroll from preset 1 to preset “74” and press the Encoder to select. (We are using Preset 74 in this example as it has a Pedal Wah effect enabled)

3. Press the “MENU” button on your amp, scroll encoder wheel to “EXP-1" setup option and press the Encoder to select.

4. Scroll the Encoder wheel to “PRESET SETTINGS” option and press the Encoder to select.

5. Scroll the Encoder wheel to select PEDAL WAH. (Please make sure an Amp or an FX is present before proceeding to next step, for this example we’re using a Pedal WAH because it is in preset “74”).

6. Press the third soft-key and scroll right 1 turn to access “EXPRESS MODE” option, press the Encoder to select and scroll to AMP/FX option and press the Encoder again.

7. Scroll over 1 more turn to access “PARAMETER” option, press encoder and scroll data wheel to choose “PEDAL” to control WAH FX with the EXP-1 expression pedal. Exit out of “EXP-1” menu to test expression pedal by pressing the “MENU” key.

8. There are two additional parameters you can adjust from this screen, they are Heel/Toe adjustments and Bypass (which when accessed from this screen will disable the effect).

Other features to be aware of are:

  • Global volume can also be controlled along with the chosen parameter you’ve setup for your expression pedal (Wah Wah for this example) by enabling “Volume Mode” (1st position on bottom row of controls in “EXP-1 PRESET screen)
  • “BYPASS MODE” (also located in “EXP-1 PRESET screen and 6 turns from the beginning) can also be controlled from this screen when enabled.
  • If you are happy with the settings, press the Save button to save the updated Preset. Note that you will overwrite the current Preset data when you save the updated Preset to that location.