Within each preset, the amplifier control knob settings, amp models, effects types and parameters can be tailored to individual preference. When a preset is selected, the box containing its number is blue, indicating that no edits have been made to it (see illustration below).


When edits to a preset have been made, the box containing the preset number changes to red, and the SAVE button illuminates (see illustration below).


If an edited setting is not saved, the preset will revert to its previous settings when returning to the preset after leaving it, or when turning the amplifier off and back on again. To save a preset edit, press the illuminated SAVE button to get three options (see illustration below): SAVE (keep preset as edited), RENAME (save preset with a new name in its current position) and SAVE AS NEW (save preset in a new position with a new name). Turn the ENCODER to highlight an option; press it to select one.


To enter a new preset name after choosing RENAME or SAVE AS NEW, use the ENCODER to spell out a new name of your choice. Press the ENCODER once to activate the cursor; turn it to choose a character (see illustration below). Press ENCODER again to enter that character and move to the next. Repeat until new name is complete; press the SAVE button to keep completed new name, or press the top LAYER button (corresponding with onscreen prompt “back”) to return to the previous screen. Note that when choosing SAVE AS NEW, the preset will be saved in the next available open position (“101” in the illustration below).